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FOC Marathon (open to members ONLY)

FOC has its own annual contest, the Marathon, organised and adjudicated by Ray, G4FON, in February.  

During this contest, Friday to Sunday, weekend, members are trying to work members and would prefer not to be called by non-members (since a QSO with a non-member can't be counted).

The FOC Marathon is held between 2100z of the Friday and 2100z of the Sunday, usually during the first week-end of February.  Activity is on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres between 015-035kHz on LF (please avoid 1820-1832kHz and 035-045kHz HF).  The minimum exchange is RST and membership number. Members are encouraged to give genuine reports for the benefit of those members running QRP or testing equipment, antennas, etc, and only one transmitted signal can be made at any given time.

There are four classes: Open Section (no limit), Restricted Section (maximum of 100 watts and simple wire antennas and verticals, no beams), QRP Open Section (maximum five watts and no antenna limit) and QRP Restricted Section (maximum five watts and simple wire antennas and verticals, no beams).

The G4CP Trophy is awarded to the overall winner of the Marathon to retain for the year. Engraved plaques are awarded to the winners of the Open and sections in each continent and to QRP Open and QRP Restricted sections overall winners. A plaque is also awarded to the North America West Coast winner in the Open and Restricted sections. Certificates are awarded to the runner-up of each section, provided the recipient obtains 50% of the points of the section winner.  Members submit scores to:

FOC QSO Parties

We also hold a couple of FOC QSO Parties each year, usually in March and October. For further information, please see the FOC QSO Party page.

FOC sponsors CW pile-up contest

Each year in October, the RSGB holds a national convention.

At it, the FOC has assembled all the hardware, software and special files to hold a pile-up contest.A surprising number of people give it a try, even those who know they have no hope of winning!

Here are some members taking part in the 2010 WRTC contest, which was held in Russia:


Operating R39DS50A (FOC 1122) in green jacket. JudgesG3XTT (FOC 1805) with yellow tag and K1ZZ(FOC 1053) with red cap

Operating R57MG4BUO(FOC 1486) with lip mic

Referees stringing antenna at hotel: K5NA(FOC 1539) in yellow shirt and W5ZL (sk) (FOC 1913) back to camera

Operating R33GN2NT (FOC 1706) in foreground

Operating R31DN5AW(FOC 1941) in foreground

Operating R31AN6XI(FOC 1765) in foreground

The Canadian Teams, withR33L's VE3DZ (FOC 1740) at the far right, R31N's VE7CC(FOC 1544) with the beardand Referee VE3NE (FOC 1824) in the red shirt


FOC members not shown in pictures:

LY9A - R32R team

G3SXW - Judge

K1ZM - R32Z team

LY9A - R32R team

VK2IA and VK6LW - R39R team


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