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The FOC QSO Party

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The FOC QSO Party (FOCQP), formerly known as the Bill Windle QSO Party (BWQP), is held twice a year and is open to all radio amateurs world-wide.

It's not a contest but, rather, an activity day in memory of Bill Windle, G8VG (SK), a past Chairman of FOC who was very keen that we should all be as active as possible on the bands. Stations participating in the FOCQP should call "CQ BW" in memory of Bill.

Participants have often reported this is one of their favourite operating events!

The idea behind the FOCQP is to offer some stress-free opportunity for FOC Members to meet and greet both other members and non-members.

Each one of us can make this event what you want it to be – some get on for a few casual QSOs, others spend several hours on different bands and still others treat it like a "mini-marathon".

The basic concept is just to work as many stations as you can over a 24-hour period, from:

Just call "CQ BW" from 015 to 040kHz on all bands, excluding the WARC bands. The exchange is: RST, name, and FOC number (non-members send RST and name).

Many people also take the opportunity to engage in longer QSOs; this is definitely encouraged but it is entirely up to you! However, please note, we still call "CQ BW" to initiate a QSO, a tribute to Bill Windle who did so much to foster activity in our Club.

2022 FOCQP

Saturday* - March 26: 0000z to 2359z

- Saturday" - Sept. 10: 0000z to 2359z

* Note: Starts Friday in the U.S.

How to Report Your Results

NOTE: This procedure has changed effective with the 12 Sept. 2020 QSO Party.

If you are interested in reporting your results during a FOCQP, simply log onto this website page and fill out the form: . It's as simple as that. No logs are required because we work on the honour system.

When reporting scores we separate according to: Europe, North America, North America “West Coast”, Asia, Africa and South America, and this is done automatically for you when you enter your information on the web form.

Reports are due 7 days after the event. A complete list of the stations who report, and their totals, will be included here on our public website. Handsome certificates are awarded to members and non-members on each continent reporting the highest number of QSOs.

Big Crowd Turns Out for 11 September FOC QP


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By Art, KZ5D 

Judging from the reports received, this FOC QP attracted a lot of attention on the bands on 11 September. Tuning across an open band and there were plenty of CQ BWs to be heard. With improving conditions, perhaps more members and non-members are spending more time on the bands. I’m pleased to report that 231 members and 86 non-members sent in activity reports. While a few participants went all out and spent a significant amount of time in our event, the majority were casual participants who spent anywhere from an hour to 5 or 6 in the QP. 

Many of those who sent in reports provided some interesting soapbox comments. It’s easy to access all of these and makes for entertaining reading:

As I read through these, I couldn’t help but sympathize with a couple in particular whose day was marred by tough luck. Brian, 9J2BO, had a Murphy visit that greatly limited his participation: “Power went off before 1000utc. Power did not return until 1730utc. Very disappointing.”  And Pete, G8VG, (our event’s namesake’s son) offered: “Not a BWQP to remember. QRN at S7 made QSOs difficult and band conditions were poor but I enjoyed meeting some old and some new friends and look forward to the next QP. Please don`t make any changes.”

Our semi-annual Party has always encouraged on-air participation to whatever extent one chooses. Some participate casually and get on the air for an hour or so, others become more engaged in the event and manage to spend several hours operating. A few of us take a more focused approach to the QP and spend 10 or more hours making contacts. Whatever your preference, it’s always fun to find so many FOC members on the air during this 24 hour period.

Congratulations are in order for Chas, K3WW, for posting the highest number of QSOs in this event with a total of 794 of which 564 were members. Europe participation was high with Axel, DL6KVA, edging out Joe, DL4CF, for top honors. His report was 525/401. K4XU earned the West Coast NA award. Dick reported 449/364 Qs. Willy, UA9BA, turned in a nice score from Asia with 324/246. Lloyd, KH6LC, was back in action this time to earn the Oceania certificate with 283/209. Meanwhile, Andy, 5Z4VJ, made 283 QSOs from Africa, of which 126 were with members to capture that award. No entries were received from South America.

Non-members were quite active throughout this event although the total number of reports received from this group lagged behind the total reports in March. W1SOC topped all non-members with 390 FOC QSOs from North America, while W7OM took top honors from the West Coast with 91. 9A2AJ reported the highest number from Europe with 224, ZL3P with 19 was tops from Oceania and JS1YGI had the highest report from Asia with 11.  No South America entries received.

Here are some of the soapbox comments from members that I have separated into four groups: Casual, Engaged, Focused and Portable.

Casual Participants:

OZ2A - I was only able to attend for a few hours due to preparations for a birthday party this afternoon.

G3YLA - Limited time due to family visits for grandson's birthday.

9V1VV - S & P only, not a bad result for this tiny pistol station in a very challenging and noisy urban environment. 

G4ILW - enjoyable event - maybe 6 hours or so on and off during the day. Mostly 20/40m - although quite good on 80m towards the end.

ZS1C - I was great fun to meet up with so many members. Every member qso from ZS is a DX QSO!

K1SA - The QSO party is a favorite event, but we had to leave to visit our son, his wife, and twin 2 1/2 year olds. Score: 34 QSO's, 6 toddler meltdowns.

Engaged Participants:

R7KZ - Great fun to work old friends!

K1DW – Great to connect with so many members. Missed a few also, but worked a few new ones for me. This was by remote to CT from TX.

KH6LC - I've been sick for a few months (not covid) so it was great to finally be back in the shack again. I'm not 100% but doing much better. I really enjoyed the QSO Party and working many familiar calls. 

K9FN - I had a good time with limited hours. Biggest surprise was working GM0GAV on 80 meters with an HONEST 599+ signal. Perhaps the strongest signal I have ever heard from across the pond in over 60 years of hamming.

SM5CCE - Conditions were very poor Saturday morning, but improved during the day.

Focused Participants:

KF3B - As always, thanks to all. Great fun. And sorry for some operating blunders. Attempted SO2R a few times and can't say the results were brilliant. SO2R ain't gonna be painless.

RM2D - Just in time back home after three months without radio in Mongolia. 80 meter antenna was down so became a 10-40 meter exercise. Six new Augies and 25 new Windle calls in 2022 (total 355). Great fun to be part of the community again after three months in the remote South Gobi desert!

W4WJ - Love the 24 hour QP window. Love having non-members call in, even for a short time. Love the laid back nature of the party. A great way to honor "The Old Man!"

DL4CF - Great fun as usual. It is always nice to meet old and new friends and to promote first-class CW throughout the world.

G3RWF - Condx not great but had a lot of fun. 10m didn't produce anything and only 3 QSOs on 15m. Needed a beam, really - my doublet requires sunspots! Many thanks to all those taking part. 

Portable Participants:

IK3/DJ6ZM - Holiday in Itali with hotel balcony antenna10m fiberglass and K2/100. Had fun anyway to meet few good old friends.

IK0IXI/0 - Operating from mobile home on lake Trasimeno camping, 100W and Doublet antenna tied up on surrounding pine trees. Good propagation conditions and a lot of fun. Although my barefoot setup worked several NA members also on 80m. 

IA5/DL1CW - Just arrived at camping lot. Setup made for a short vertical at the back of my Camper. No space for the radials... Finally all QSOs on 20m. 40m was full of local QRM with S9+20. Even under that circumstances, it was fun, and a good entry to our holidays. 

The table below shows the top 2 reports from each area.

FOC QP - 11 Sept. Members Report   Non-Members Report
Europe DL6KVA 525/401   9A2AJ 224
  DL4CF 506/400   G3SJJ 205
North America K3WW 794/564   W1SOC 390
  K2LE 611/471   W1GF 181
NA West Coast K4XU 449/364   W7OM 91
  N9RV 398/316   K7WP 78
Asia UA9BA 324/246   JS1YGI 11
  4Z4KX 102/73   JJ1UBX 2
Africa 5Z4VJ 225/126   No Entry  
  ZS1C 63/53      
Oceania KH6LC 283/209   ZL3P 19
  VK2GR 197/137   VK5GG 5
South America No Entry     No Entry  


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