First Class CW Operators' Club


FOC Code of Conduct

FOC expects high standards of its members. These standards are set in the Club's Code of Conduct.

Members of FOC are expected to:-
1. Foster and encourage a high standard of operating and behaviour on the bands;
2. Observe the licence conditions and principles of band planning;
3. Be considerate to other amateurs at all times,and in particular by:-

a) ensuring that the radiated signal conforms to a good technical level
b) avoiding interference to other band users by thoughtless tuning or by use of unnecessarily high power levels.
c) recognising that it is inconsiderate to break in to a contact unless there is a reason that is relevant to both of the participating stations.
4. By example, promote exemplary operating standards by:-

a) sending at a speed that is considerate of the other station's ability;
b) giving signal reports that are, where appropriate, honest:
c) ensuring that a frequency is clear before transmitting - preferably by listening;
d) at the end of a contact, moving away if it is not your frequency;
e) in DX pile-ups, observing the calling instructions of the DX station and never policing the frequency;
f) if you are a DX Station, ensuring good management of your frequency by sending your own callsign at appropriate intervals, anonymous operating does nothing to control a pile-up or increase rates and leads to chaos.
g) always remembering that many others may be listening to your contacts - refrain from bad language or derogatory comments;
5. Protect the future of the hobby by:-

a) being active on a regular basis on as many bands as possible.
b) giving encouragement to newcomers.
c) supporting a national society.

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